The HR Tech Ecosystem

Hey h(r)ackers!

Just a brief heads up to help you during your brainstorming sessions, we wanted to give you some insights on the current HR Tech ecosystem, what already exists on the market and where there might be areas for disruption.

Thus here is a brief list of reports and documents you can download for free:

  • CB Insights: 125 startups transforming the Human Resources across Recruiting, Benefits, Payroll and more
  • Talent Tech Lab: The Talent Acquisition Ecosystem (mainly focused in the US)
  • WORK 2.0: WORK2.0 combines four leading conferences with a major trade show to enable people to thrive at work. It’s at the intersection of people, workspaces and technology.

This should give you a good overview of what’s the HR Tech industry. Don’t hesitate to solicit the team and mentors if you have other suggestions.

All the best!

The H(R)ackathon team

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