Fiona Anson

Fiona Anson

Workible Co-Founder & CEO

Fiona Anson is an award-winning businesswoman and inspirational speaker with a proven track in business.  She has a wealth of experience as both a business owner and in the corporate arena.  As a “serial entrepreneur”, she has owned her own businesses for over twenty years and has worked with and had alliances with some of the biggest names in Australia.

As Co-Founder of recruitment technology platform Workible, a revolutionary mobile solution specifically geared to helping employers and jobseekers connect around fit and need, Fiona is continually listening to the challenges on both the HR & IT sides of the market.

With co-founder Alli Baker, Fiona launched Workible, which is now the solution that drives the largest connected network of job sites in Australia and both are considered thought leaders in the HR and recruitment sector.

Introduction & Networking

Coder Factory Academy

Welcome and Introduction speech of why Polyglot Group & Coder Factory teamed up for this edition and the impact that the teams can have on the industry. Presentation of Sponsors’s businesses and challenges to give an overview of current HR issues to the participants Start composing teams: quick pitching session for participants who already have an […]

Fri 21/10/2016, 6:00 PM