Alvin Tolentino

Alvin Tolentino

Technical Product Manager, Healthtech

Alvin Tolentino is a polyglot full stack developer, working with multiple languages and frameworks including native mobile app development. He has a wealth of experience with building high performance teams, social entrepreneurship, competency based education and work integrated learning.


After leading a small team to deliver the University of Sydney’s largest at-scale technology platform and hybrid mobile app, Job Smart for the Business School’s Careers office, Alvin is currently leading the Sydney team at LifeIQ to deliver SeventeenHundred’s new Work Life Hub, a HR platform as a service.


In his spare time, Alvin trains in a traditional Japanese martial art where he holds a godan (5th degree black belt) rank, mentors startup students at Generation Entrepreneur / Initiate 48, is a steering committee member for Random Hacks of Kindness and mentors at GradHack. He is also seen at Coder Factory, teaching masterclasses in Node, Agile Software Development Workflows, training interns or geeking out.

Introduction & Networking

Coder Factory Academy

Welcome and Introduction speech of why Polyglot Group & Coder Factory teamed up for this edition and the impact that the teams can have on the industry. Presentation of Sponsors’s businesses and challenges to give an overview of current HR issues to the participants Start composing teams: quick pitching session for participants who already have an […]

Fri 21/10/2016, 6:00 PM