FLARE HR is our Superstar Sponsor

Flare HR is Australia’s first all in one HR and benefits platform. It has been designed to help you take care of all your employee’s needs throughout their time with you and beyond.

Whether you own a business, are a CEO, or work in human resources, Flare offers many great advantages for you, your employees and your company.


HR Automation let Flare do the hard work for you, freeing up your staff to focus on the important jobs.

Save time and money Flareautomates all of the time-consuming work that goes into managing HR. Now, long processes like onboarding and company compliance matters take minutes not days, leaving you time to focus on other activities.

Your data is completely safe and secure and can be accessed on our cloud based platform anytime, anywhere.

Flare boosts employee engagement which in turn has a positive impact on company performance.

Thank you to Flare for partnering with us and supporting HR Tech and Innovation. This event would not be happening without you!


Less stress – employees enjoy a greater level of HR professionalism from their first day with your company to their last.

Access to benefits – employees have access to savings, benefits and services that are typically reserved for big businesses.

Employees have access to their benefits and payroll information, all in one place.

Your team members minimize the time spent on administration, so they can focus on performance.

Check them out at: http://flarehr.com/

Thank you to Flare HR for your involvement and undying support! The event would not be able to go through without you.

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